The Deep End

The Deep End

How often do you jump into the deep end of a pool? If you are anything like me, not very often. In life, we often end up at the deep end, it seems. Accidents, medical issues, education, travel, daily activity… so much can push us into the deep end. What matters, though, is what we do when we get there.

Our family has found the deep end of life recently but we have chosen to get very excited about it, praying and planning for God’s will to come through. It has. And, it has allowed us to faithfully pursue an option for our children that will make all the difference in their lives. So, what is it, you ask?

We are going to homeshool the girls.

We are truly excited about this. The girls are truly excited about it. We have so many plans and ideas and desires. But most of all, we have heard our God’s voice come through it all to confirm that this will be excellent for us all and, we pray, glorify Him.

As we begin our tremendous journey, we ask that you pray for us, for the decisions we make, for the girls, for our sanity, and for us to follow God’s will daily. We recognize that this will not be simple or easy. It will be hard. It will contain a learning curve for all of us. But, we know this is right for our family. So please pray for us.

We will be utilizing this blog in a number of different ways and hope that at least one of them will be of interest to you and inspire you in some way. Our plans include: general commentary on life, education and home; poetry and creative writing outlet for the girls; product reviews (we are hopeful that our family will be selected to do this formally but will share good things we find and use, regardless); and encouragement to others in this world that tries to throw us into the deep end to see us fail.

As we step forward in excitement, we would love for you to join us At Home.



2 thoughts on “The Deep End

  1. Nancy Wheat May 20, 2013 at 1:33 am Reply

    you are on the way to a great adventure. So excited for you.

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