J’s classes

I have found something truly exciting! A “curriculum” for J. She is just barely 4 but loves books. I don’t want to push her through a full blown curriculum and I want her to keep loving learning. The way to do that is by making it fun and exploratory, right? Well, we have done a lot of that and she has really enjoyed it.

We felt like she needed something along the same lines but with a bit more structure to work with when we are doing learning with her big sisters. I saw this link today on Homeschool Giveaways Facebook post. It is right up her alley and best of all…FREE.

This Reading Mama has a fantastic PK pre-reading/beginning reading curriculum. She describes her reasoning behind her choices and gives you a huge selection of choices for each letter/family so you can choose one to fit your child and your needs or you can use all of them for an entire week’s work on each one. I am so excited to get this started.

J was wanting to play while I was downloading the lessons and activities.  I asked her wait just a moment so that I didn’t lose my place in the downloads (there are 31 of them after all!). When I told her I was downloading homeschool classes for her, she jumped up and down, hollered “hooray”, and hugged me tight. I think she is excited to keep learning and she wants to learn to read by herself.

I am excited to. I am so thankful that God has provided for us in such a way that Joe loves his job and it pays enough that, while we don’t have all the extras that many around us do and we don’t take more than one vacation a year (and it generally involves visiting family – which I love, by the way), we have more than enough. Best of all, it allows me to do the job that I love and do best – taking care of my husband and my girls. At Home.

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