For the past few weeks, I have been pondering friendship. This is not anything new or groundbreaking. I have just been thinking about it a lot.

What makes someone a good friend? More to the point, what is it that makes folks flock to someone while another person with many of the same qualities goes almost completely friendless? How does one person step into a group of people and seem as though they have been part of that group for a long time while someone who has been there for years feels left out? Is there something innate in our beings that makes us “friend quality” or not? Do we make a choice, somehow, without even knowing we have?

I desire to help my children grow their friendships so that they will have someone to lean on long before the need to lean is there. I deeply long for them to have a friend that is always there.

They are learning, bit by bit, that they will always have the most important friend by their side at all times. Jesus. There are many ways they are learning this. We tell them. Often. We take them to Bible class and worship services. Every time. We pray with them. Daily. We pray for them. Daily.

Sometimes, though, we need something tangible. Human. How do we find that and build that? I honestly do not know. I am not good at it anymore. I must have been at some point because the people that I consider to be the best friends I have ever had have been my friends for a long time. One I met when I was 5. The other I met when I was about 13. I still connect with both of them when I go home to New Mexico and often through Facebook.

So what happens between the time we are 5 and 50? Is it just that our insecurities grow and Satan whispers in our ear and we believe him? I am working on a topical Bible series of friendship verses. I don’t know what it will write on my heart but it will be good. And, hopefully, I can grow from it so that my girls will see what true friendship is like. Human, yes. But, more importantly, I want them to see the friendship I have with Jesus. At Home.

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