The girls are on another tear with earning money. I try really hard not to interfere in these moments because they are full of ideas and energy and go-get-’em. They are doing something that I am too scared to do. They are trying out something new to see if it will produce income for them so that they can buy the things they want. I am in awe of how fearlessly they go at it.

A common theme to their enterprise is the bedroom sale. Never hear of it? Really? Think garage sale at the bedroom door. They choose things from their own rooms that they no longer want or need, price them (a few cents each, generally), and put them just outside their doors with price tags on them. Their sisters then come by and shop for things that they can use. This happens every few weeks. It is very fun to see and observe.

More interesting, though, has been the last couple of days. L has been making crowns for their bears. She added bracelets this morning. Each creation is unique and she really takes her time making these. They are special and fun. J and E are making necklaces and bracelets. Charms are being talked about by a couple of the girls.

E is talking about making some purses and crowns and charms out of felt or fabric. We talked last night about placing them in the Etsy shop that I have but has not been used a lot lately or posting them on the At Home Facebook page. This may be the start of true enterprise for her. I would love that! She sees possibility where I tend to see the possibility of failure. I love how brave she is and I am going to work on following her lead.

Currently, there  is a different form of enterprise going on and here is what it looks like:

P1070504P1070505 P1070506

The girls are providing a service to each other’s animals this morning. They are having storytime. Each girl has at least one animal from a sister and is reading to them, having discussions, and teaching them. I LOVE THIS!!! Makes my heart sing.

What a way to pass a summer morning – reading, helping each other out, and making a few cents. All is cheerful and happy today. At Home.

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2 thoughts on “Enterprise

  1. Michelle C. August 8, 2013 at 8:08 pm Reply

    What enterprising young ladies! You must be proud of them. Love the storytime!

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