New projects: Embroidery

I get so much joy out of creating. I really enjoy sewing and embroidery. My sweet husband bought me an embroidery machine a while back, just because I asked him to. It was on sale and it was a very good deal but it was still a “just because.” (For the record, I did tell him it would work as my Christmas present last year. And it did.)

I have had the pleasure lately of working on some projects for others. The start of a little bit of income and a whole lot of fun.


I made these cute little bow centers for Fawny over at Fawny’s Girlz Designs.  I made some that say Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade. She’ll add them to some of her wonderful creations and some little girl somewhere will have a sweet new bow for school this year.


I made this little outfit set for a little boy who is about to turn 1. What a fun birthday set! I had never seen this kind of set before so when she asked for the custom creation, I had to do a little digging on the internet to get some ideas. I think it came out just darling!!


Finally, I had the joy of embroidering these duffle bags for some sweet little girls up in the northeast   for their sports activities. I sure hope they enjoy them. I had tons of fun seeing the designs stitch out so nicely.

If you would like for me to create something just for you or someone you care about, please let me know. I have such fun with these types of projects! Just comment below or send me an email. If nothing else, I’d love to hear what you think. I’ll keep on creating and sharing my projects from here.  At Home.


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