Display for memory verse – free tutorial

easy DIY display frame

I whipped this up the other night when I was getting some last minute things ready for the first day of school. Having chosen these small cards for Bible memory work, I felt like it needed some kind of a display to create some prominence for it. So, here is a tutorial of what I did.

P1070767What you’ll need:

frame larger than what you are wanting to display

scrapbook paper large enough for the frame

decorative buttons or bow centers

ribbon or cording


hot glue gun and glue for it

First, heat up your glue gun. Then glue a decorative button or two onto the clothes pin.P1070769

P1070771Next cut the ribbon or cord to fit across the front of the frame. Determine where it needs to be placed, making sure it is high enough that when your item is clipped on, it is centered (or at least close). Using the glue gun, place a large dot of hot glue on the side of the frame at that point. Place one end of the cord in the hot glue and the place a decorative button or bow center over it. Hold in place for a few seconds to make sure the glue sets. Do the same for the other side, stretching the cord across the front of the frame.

Add the scrapbook paper to the inside of the frame and you are ready to go. All done. Go hang it up and enjoy!


PS – This ended up being a fantastic way and place to display it because E, who is working on her cursive handwriting, pulled a chair up to the area when she was copying the verse onto a white board. She had the words of the verse and the letter formation examples right there together.

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2 thoughts on “Display for memory verse – free tutorial

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  2. Our Worldwide Classroom March 7, 2016 at 4:35 am Reply

    I can see so many uses for this.

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