Writing and Editing – The New Ball Gowns

Once upon a time there were three girls who were friends. One had chestnut hair, the next had brown and last had black. One of them, the one with brown hair was named Elizabeth. She was a seamstress. This evening the king and queen were throwing a royal ball. The other girls needed new gowns. They asked Elizabeth to make them some gowns. Rose was the chestnut haired. And Anistasia was dark haired. Elizabeth made them new, gorgeous ball gowns. Rose’s ball gown was layered pink and blue fabrics. Anistasia’s ball gown was rosy pink and blue. Then all three girls went in a light blue carriage and had fun at the ball. 

                                                                written by E, 9 years old

This story was one of the older girls’ writing assignments for today. She likes to doodle and draw and has a couple of doodle books that she enjoys using. For her writing today, she got to choose a picture that she had already completed and use it to write a story. Here is the doodle that she had done, though she did color it in today to help with the detail in the story.P1070892

After she had written her story, I typed it in for her, word for word and spelling for spelling, here. We then sat down together and edited, learning about spell check. We talked about how it can be helpful (it helped her correct friends, chestnut, and rosy) but that it also marks words that it is just not familiar with but that might be spelled correctly (Anistasia). She edited, doubled checked, and called it good, pleased with her published work.





Oh, and she had drawn the dresses again with her story so that the reader would know what the dresses looked like. Here are those drawings.






So there you have it. Our writing and editing lesson from a doodle, created here. At Home.


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2 thoughts on “Writing and Editing – The New Ball Gowns

  1. jwl August 31, 2013 at 2:23 am Reply

    So very neat.

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