Creative Writing – Crystl Girls Cheer

This was written as a cheer by the oldest giggly girl a few weeks ago before we went on vacation. We had been talking about animals and they had been reading lots of books on animals. Just because. Truly. She decided that she wanted to create a cheer and wrote this one out, though she did have to pour over a few books to find animals for some of the letters.

Animals Around The World
Armadillos scamper. Bees buzz
And cats are covered in fuzz.
Dogs bark and elephants blow.
Late at night, fireflies glow.
Grizzlies growl. Hummingbirds hum
And insects pollenate the plum.
Jaguars slink and kangaroos hop.
Llamas climb up to the top.
Monkeys swing. Narwhales have a tusk.
Ostriches like to strut.
Pandas play. Queen Angel Fish are shy.
Right whales are trying to survive.
Skunks stink. Two-toes sloths hang from trees.
Sea urchins sway in the waters of the seas.
Vultures scavenge. Whales are big.
Xerxes blue butterflies perch on twigs.
Yaks are hairy. Zebras have stripes.
We learned about animals,
Many different types.

We are going to be studying swimming creatures from day 5 of creation this year for science. This is not the first book in the series and so we had to do a lesson from another book today to learn a bit about the naming and classifying of animals in the scientific community. Part of that reading had to do with classifying animals by vertebrate or invertebrate. In order to practice that, we used the animals from this cheer.


I wrote each animal out on a piece of paper and gave them to E. She separated them under the titles of vertebrate or invertebrate. We took a look at her “bar graph,” discussed what it showed, and it was L’s turn to create a graph. We compared L’s bar graph to what E’s looked like. They talked about some of the choices they had made that were different. We then went through them together and classified them correctly.


E remembered that she had read that there were many more invertebrates in the world than vertebrates but our graph did not represent that. Here was the perfect opportunity to talk about biases in research – our group had a bias to it and did not truly represent the variety of animals that exist in our world and therefore, our graph could not properly and truthfully represent the whole animal kingdom. I could not have set that discussion up any more perfectly if I had tried! They understood!

I think we are ready now to move on to the study of the swimming creatures next week. The girls are currently in love with whales, dolphins, and sharks, and so this study is highly anticipated. Please pop back in at any time to see what is going on here. At Home.


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