American History – 1610 to 1770s

Unit 2 of the history book has begun. We started reading it a couple of days ago but when I was at Dollar Tree, I stumbled across a window cling that fired up an idea. So I bought it!

Unit 2 is basically the 13 colonies, the Great Awakening, and the tax acts by England that eventually led to the American Revolution. We were going to be working through the 13 colonies when I saw the window cling of a map of the US. It was bright and cheerful and reminded me of something… Did you know you can write on glass with dry erase markers? The combo of that and the map created this activity…

P1080011 P1080013

We wrote out a timeline on one window and the girls took turns marking the time for each of the colonies as we read about it in the history book. (We also added Jamestown and the Pilgrims.) Then, the other girl placed a dot on the map of what state that colony eventually became. Who doesn’t like writing on windows?!

Later in this unit, we will work more with the map, dividing it by the North, middle, and South, and talk about the economics of each of the areas and their relationships with the native Americans. We will also use the map to cover some of the information on the Great Awakening.

Did I mention that we get to write on the windows when we are using this map? (And stand on chairs or the window sill! Who can’t get behind that?)

Stop by again later to see what else we are doing with this history unit. At Home.


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