Fun Science – Part 2

Part 2 is all about field trip fun and learning so much more about swimming creatures. We were blessed to be able to attend the homeschool day at Sea World San Antonio. We have also been able to take a short vacation at Port Aransas on the Gulf Coast, during which we were able to spend time on the beach and visit the Texas State Aquarium.

Sea World was so much fun. It wasn’t too hot. It was a short day. It was TONS cheaper! All good things. We were able to visit all of the exhibits and see two shows that were put together specifically for homeschoolers and were educational in content. At each of the exhibits, there was a member of the education staff continuously giving a talk about the animals.

We visited the sharks and the coral reef exhibit, the penguins, the alligators, and saw different statues throughout. We had lunch by the water and had fun watching the birds, fish, and turtles. Then it was off to the shows. We were treated to a show about sea lions, including information about the differences between sea lions and seals. After that, we were able to see a show featuring a dolphin and a beluga whale. (Personally, I think this was the girls’ favorite!)

P1080164 P1080180 P1080191 P1080202 P1080216

We did not get to see the orcas, which we would have loved, but that is a small price to pay for the benefits we got this day. The girls loved being so close to the dolphins but the dolphins never got close enough to touch. They did pose a few times and one of them gave the girls a good splash.

P1080151 P1080156

In Port Aransas, we spent some time at the beach. Of course, part of that was just to be able to go to the beach but we did spent some time talking about all of the creature we viewed there. We were able to discuss tides, tide pools, currents, the sand and sand bars, review the continental shelf, and so much more. I had no idea how much review could happen just walking down the edge of the surf! Some of the animals we saw:


Not sure but we think this is a moon jelly. It was about 5 inches across and had washed up on the shore.


This is a little crab that we picked up out of the surf and watched come out of his shell and walk around a bit. We then replaced him at the edge of the surf. The tracks he left after dragging his shell around were not at all what we expected.


This is most of a crab after the birds got to him.


This is a snail that E picked up in about 2 feet of water. We looked at it for a bit and then put it down on the sand. It immediately began burrowing and was no longer visible after about 1 minute.

We also chose to go to the Texas State Aquarium. It was surprising just how good this aquarium was. They have fantastic employees there who were very knowledgeable about the animals, their needs, and more than we would ever think to imagine. We were able to view sea turtles up close, touch manta rays and sharks, see a native alligator, touch a model of crocodile and alligator skulls to compare them, see various jelly fish and other fish, and so much more.


Fun fact about these sharks: they go through about 5,000 teeth in their lifetimes.


The girls comparing the alligator and crocodile skull models.


Best of all – the dolphins. Again, I know, but we can’t seem to get enough of them! There is a viewing room that is below the water level so you can view the dolphins playing and swimming under the water. They also have a dolphin show that rivals anything Sea World did with the dolphins. Plus, you are just feet away from them! We got to see them play, jump, turn, and so much more.


Field trips definitely add a whole new aspect to learning and the girls learned so much during these trips. They were fun, exciting, and different from our normal routine. We all highly recommend any of these places that you can visit if you have the chance.

When we got home, there was lots of writing, drawing, and more going on. I’ll do a #3 post, and maybe a #4, to share some of that with you. Until then, explore our site and get some new ideas to use in your family from us here. At Home.


2 thoughts on “Fun Science – Part 2

  1. Kate Kessler November 19, 2013 at 6:44 am Reply


    I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email regarding the Crew. I didn’t want you to miss it or have it land in your spam folder. If you did not receive it, please do shoot me an email and I will send it out again.


    Kate Kessler
    Schoolhouse Review Crew
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    • 3gigglygirlsathome November 19, 2013 at 9:08 pm Reply

      Thank you Ms. Kessler. I did receive the email and have responded.

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