Fun Science – Part 3

Well, I kind of fell behind on writing about all of the science related learning we did so I’ll jump right back in there.

We are trying to keep the writing going and poetry can be so much fun. We started with shape poems and described for them the two different types of shape poems. We discussed how the shape can determine the subject or how the words can form the actual shape of what they are describing. Since this was our first venture into the structured writing of poetry, we went with the easier of the two.

Having just returned from our field trips to Sea World, the ocean, and the aquarium, we had some good ideas and words that we could use. The girls brainstormed words and then they set to work with scratch paper writing their rough draft (or at least the oldest and youngest did – middle child jumped right in and had to do quite a bit of erasing). After they were happy with their poem, they copied it into the shape and then colored and finished the picture. Here’s how E’s poems and J’s poems came out.


J – 4 years old – She had some help from her sisters and mom but did lots of the words on her own. She also wanted to create a whole picture, just because.



E – 9 years old – I love the backgrounds and the word choices.

Do you remember playing with a string and paper cups to make a “telephone”? Well, we did some of that, too. Only we used it as a sound experiment and related it to the sea creatures they have been studying. The girls played around with how to use it (the string better be tight or the sound doesn’t travel; don’t touch it when someone is talking; etc) and they had so much fun. They did a very good job of creating a hypothesis of how it would work, them playing with it for a while and then evaluating their hypothesis. Needless to say, the “telephone” is still around and gets pulled out every couple of days.

I am certain there is much more I can share but this will be it for this series of posts. More fun science is going on but that wraps up our whale chapter in the book and our field trips. I know we’ll have more to share, though, because tonight at dinner when we were talking about something interesting or new that they discovered today, L’s eyes lit up and she couldn’t stop talking about the seals, sea lions, walruses, and manatees that she read about today. I’d better get started on some hands-on activities for the girls to do. At Home.



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