Are we too busy to “stop and smell the roses?” If so, we are too busy.



We see it everywhere in our world. We may even be part of all that busyness around us. We all claim a part of it. How often do you ask someone how things are going and their answer is “good but busy”? That is my answer. Often. And we don’t even do all that much!

Do you know the meaning of the word “busyness”? Quoting from Dictionary.com: Lively but meaningless activity.

I began thinking about this a couple of days ago after a conversation that makes me sadder every time I think about it. There is one person at church that I truly believe is well-intentioned but I always come away from a conversation with her deflated. Recently, she asked how things were going with schooling and my reply was “busy.”

“Just wait until they are teenagers! You don’t even know what busy means! You’ll look back on this and ask yourself what you do with all your free time.” She went on with additional comments. In trying to support the activities with which her family is involved, she asked a question to which my answer was that my girls would probably never do those particular activities. When asked why, I replied that it was not what we would choose for our children. I could see how that response sat with her and I am truly sorry if it hurt her feelings. But it really got me thinking.

How DO we spend our time? Is it worthwhile? Is it serving God? Or is it “lively but meaningless activity”?

I don’t want to be involved with something that is meaningless and I don’t want my children’s years – teenage, pre-teen, childhood, or even adult – to be filled with meaningless activity.My prayer for anyone who reads this and for all those that I know is that the activities that you choose for your children to be involved in are not just busyness. That those activities have a plan and a purpose. But most of all, I pray that those activities will show a love and praise to our God and our maker.

May this find each of you busy, in a meaningful way. At Home.



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