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We have begun a Bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit. I have done a bunch of searching through blogs I admire, Pinterest, Swagbucks searches, and more. I found a lot of good resources but nothing that fit what I was really wanting. Most of the resources that I found were for younger children and our home has a 4th grader and a 2nd grader, both of whom read very well, and a 4 year old who is working at a kindergarten level.. And while we love craft activities, I didn’t want to put a craft activity into our Bible time every day for the next 2 weeks. So, these ideas just didn’t fit our needs.

So, I looked at what I really liked and came up with a plan. Our fruit of the spirit lessons will be based on the theme of “What Does The Bible Say About…” It will include Bible verses and questions to write or discuss, copy work of a Bible verse, an activity page (sometimes on the specific fruit of the day, sometimes on all of the fruit), and a lapbook activity.

Up today – Love.

Love – what does the Bible say
This is the document that contains the Bible verses that I chose for the kids to read and become more familiar with. It also contains some questions that will hopefully direct their thinking. This is for the older two kids. It was done partly by self and partly with discussion.

Following are the copywork sheets for all three of the girls. Our oldest is well into cursive but we want her to continue to have good modeling so copywork is a good way to do that. Our middle daughter is doing well with her print and we will probably start her on cursive after the new year. Our youngest is still learning letter formation and correct directions. I used Worksheet Works to create the handwriting worksheets for each of the girls. (If you don’t know this site, I recommend checking it out. The site contains a large number of ready to print worksheets, as well as ways to create your own.)

Love – handwritiing practice print

Love – handwritiing practive cursive

Love – handwriting practice copy print

The activity that I found for the older two girls for the day was a word search, but not your typical word search. You had to locate the fruit of the spirit words in a picture. It wasn’t hard but the girls had fun. I enjoyed hearing the laughter while they looked and helped each other. I found it through a search but was unable to trace it to the original creator. If you happen to know where it came from, please let me know so that I can give credit where due and I’ll edit this post. Here is the word search.

fruit of the spirit word find coloring page

For the activity for the preschooler, I chose a coloring page with a twist. She is beginning to read a bit so I took one of the Bible verses, simplified it, and used the words to create a color-by-word picture. I used a coloring page that I found (from, printed it out, and then added the words to the sections of the picture. Here it is.

Love color-by-word

J really enjoyed this so you will see more of these in the lessons to come.

And finally, we are using the minibooks from the Fruit of the Spirit lapbook at . We are doing the minibook for each fruit on the day we are talking about that fruit. At the end, the girls will use them to create a small lapbook about the Fruit of the Spirit study.

The girls are enjoying these lessons and we are on day 3 so far. I will post each of the lessons in case someone wants to use them but it will take a bit. I hope this gives someone else an idea or helps them find the way they want to go. At Home.

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