The Old Schoolhouse – review

What season of life are you in? What season of home education? The Old Schoolhouse Magazine might just be for you. And me. And others you know. You see, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, or TOS in abbreviated form (a little secret here – I had seen TOS mentioned here and there but had no idea what it stood for until today. Man was I missing out!), is an online magazine published by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ( that has an article in it for you, no matter where you are or what you are needing.

TOS schoolhouse graphic

If I am going to read something, it has to be useful to me in some way. I need to glean something from it that I can use or apply or make or share. I was so pleasantly surprised when I clicked on the link for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (November/December Issue). It had all those and more. Browsing through the table of contents, I saw something for everyone I knew and several things I wanted to read right away. Sadly, I had to take the kids to dance classes so I wouldn’t be able to read any of them for several hours. As I was about to close the website, I saw a little button at the top that made me jump for joy. Well, almost. I could download the magazine and take it with me!! So that is what I did. I downloaded it onto a thumb drive and took it with me, along with my little bitty netbook. I was set.

For the hour and a half that we were at dance classes, I read. And read. And read. And then it was time to go and I wasn’t even halfway through. After the giggly girls were in bed, and boy were they giggly tonight, I finally got to come back and read some more.

I don’t know about you but for me to fall in love with a magazine, I desire it to have articles that will challenge me, articles that will be something I can use immediately, and articles that will enlighten me about something I don’t know. There is all of that and more to be found here, all with a Godly worldview. I can’t believe that I have been missing out on this. Go check it out (it’s free!!) at , get the app at or keep reading to find out more about why I fell in love with TOS.

As the holiday season rapidly descends and our lives get too busy to think, this article written by Deborah Wuehler titled “Having A Holiday Heart: Seven Reasons To Celebrate (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)” really touched me. I love her encouragement to celebrate the Lord every day, no matter what kind of day it might be. This is the kind of encouragement a homeschooling mom, or any mom, needs!

Another article that I zeroed in on quickly was “No More Brick Walls – Correcting Children Based On God’s Character” by Morna Gilbert. This was an article I was desperately needing. Mrs. Gilbert included very specific examples of ways to correct children, both positively and negatively. This was a reminder I needed. It is something I can apply right away, as well as pray about and study on more to hopefully do even better with in the future. After all, I have three girls growing up around me and my God-given responsibility is to help them grow up in Him.

Music is a common occurrence in our home but I love finding resources for music education. There are some fantastic ones listed in the article “Introducing Your Children To Classical Music” by Marcia Washburn. There are web links that will be used tomorrow! I can’t wait to show the girls the video of the huge pipe organ and let them hear Bach. I like things that I can use right away!

And there are more that are useable right away – curriculum, reviews (you can find many of those on their Review Crew blog, reading strategies, legal stuff (not my forte but good to be aware of), and so much more. Other articles, for other seasons of life, include college preparation and going back to school.  As I said before, there is something for everyone and everyone will find many things to use.

It was certainly worth my time to check it out. The free resource and encouragement will definitely be one that I will be using in the future. At Home.



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