Fruit of the Spirit – Peace

Peace title

This will be the 3rd post in the Fruit of the Spirit series. Peace was one I hoped we would really dig into. Well, it didn’t work like I had hoped and we didn’t really get into all the meaning of peace that I was wanting to. That’s okay – we’ll just have to plan to revisit it before too long.

One reason I was wanting to really dig into peace was because, when I specifically search for peace, I find it. And I am peaceful. When I am peaceful, so many things fall into place. I want my girls to find that because the world works so hard to keep us from peace. In some ways, the world won in our study of peace because we did not take the time to examine it together, as I had wanted. The girls did go through the study and they did read it all. We just didn’t spent as much time on it, examining and showing peace, as I had dreamed of. That’s okay, though. They got a start and we’ll come back to it another time. Peacefully.

So here are the components of the study.

Peace – what does the Bible say   This is the set of Bible verses that we read and some questions to help the girls think about and process what God’s words tells us about peace.

Handwriting practice for each of the three giggly girls:

Peace – handwriting practice cursive

Peace – handwriting practice print

Peace – handwriting practice copy print

The activity this time is another color-by-word that I created but all three of the giggly girls wanted to it. So we did. I just did a search for an image and came up with this one. It is available here but I don’t know if this is the original creator of this image.


Other posts in this series:


I hope you find this series that I am sharing helpful. Whether you can use something from it or it inspires an idea within you to do something that fits your children, please feel free to use the information. Please link back here if you share it on a blog, Pinterest, or Facebook. Thank you so much. And may you be blessed. At Home.

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