Power Meets Compassion

When we think about power, we think of confidence. Strength. Forcefulness. Self-Assurance. But we seldom think of compassion. History does not show us many examples of one with power who shows compassion. And yet…

And yet that combination of traits is where my mind is this morning. I’ll start at the end. Or the beginning. You pick.

Jesus is the perfect example of one in power. However, the world at large refused to accept it. He was confidence, strength, forcefulness, self-assurance, any word you can think of that describes power. He had all of that and more. He even brought out fear in people. And yet…

And yet he had a tender heart full of compassion. He mourned losses; he was sad; he was lonely. He saw these things in others, too. He hurt when others hurt; he mourned when others mourned; he was sad when others were sad. And he reached out to them. He showed them compassion.

Perhaps this is a strange thought process but thinking about power and compassion brought my thinking around to our leader. President Obama. I was thinking about all that has gone on during his time in the presidency, what I thought about it, and I realized I was missing something. And I had a sudden sadness. How hard it must be to be the one in power! Behind all that strength, behind all that confidence, behind all that talk, is he hurting? It must be incredibly difficult to be the president. He is always being talked about, being criticized, being put down. I don’t necessarily like all that he has done. And yet…

And yet he is human. He has feelings. He probably has doubts. I found myself wondering if he sits in the dark and quiet (does he ever even get time to sit in the dark and quiet?), crying out to God. I do and my worries are so much smaller than his must be. And I found my heart full or sorry for him, full of compassion.

As we move through this Christmas season and into the new year, I ask you to find compassion in your heart for someone around you. Someone who you don’t normally think of who needs our compassion. Someone who has power, or strength, or confidence. And have compassion for them because behind all of that is a heart that just might be full of sorrow, reaching out. Just like Jesus did that night in the garden. And yet…

And yet He still reached out to others with compassion. So I will do the same, with a heart full of compassion.

At Home.



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