Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness

Gentleness title

Lambs. Kittens. Bunnies. For me, these are examples of what comes to mind when I think of gentleness. I think something tangible, rather than a choice of action and word. This Fruit of the Spirit was a good one for me to put together because it got me thinking about things a little bit differently.

Definitions have become something in our homeschooling that we have been working on a lot. The reason for this is that knowing the actual definition of a word can help you understand it much better. Using context to determine a definition is a very important comprehension skill. But when you are working the other direction, starting with the definition and using it in context really helps you understand something as obscure as gentleness. This is why the first question for the girls to answer on the What Does The Bible Say About… worksheets lately have been definitions. The same is true for gentleness and I have found that it has really been helping them understand the context of the word in relation to God’s word.

Gentleness – what does the Bible say

Gentleness – handwriting practice cursive

Gentleness – handwriting practice print

Gentleness – handwriting practice copy print

While looking for something related to a Bible study for church, I came across a picture that sparked an idea for the activity for this study. The girls made Gentleness Soup. I have included a printable here for it and the instructions are written on the page.

Gentleness – Gentleness Soup activity PDF

And, once again, I created a color by word for J and related it to the nativity because of the time of year.
Gentleness – color by word PDF

I really enjoyed this study. The girls seems to like it, as well. I hope you are able to find something of use here and it will be well received by those you share it with.

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