Sewing to Summer

Fabric seems to have a life of its own and an appeal that I have a hard time resisting. I love fabric. I love working with fabric. I love to create and make a number of different things. And because of this love of fabric, I have way too much of it. (I secretly think it reproduces on its own.)

I have accepted a challenge from a blogging friend to participate in Sewing to Summer. Go visit her over at Milk & Honey Mommy to read more about the challenge.

My goals are not for myself but to create things that I keep saying I want to do. I am going to get the girls 18″ dolls stuff done – swim suits, ball gowns, and a dress for each are the goals there. I am going to work on the fabric for dishtowels and get them done so they are ready for last minute gifts or next Christmas. I would like to finish the girls’ Christmas countdowns (yes – I am actually that far behind – they took much longer than I thought they would!). I might even begin piecing a quilt top, though perhaps this is a bit ambitious! I’ll be digging through the fabric and finalizing projects in the next couple of days.

If you are interested to see what I actually get accomplished, watch for blog posts on the 21st of each of the next 6 months. I’ll be posting pictures of what I actually get done. Wish me luck! At Home.

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