Scavenger Hunt – Winter Olympics

Scavenger Hunt Title page

I have been working on the activities for our 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics unit. One of the activities will be watching the Opening Ceremony. This can be a long, but fun, activity. To give the kids something to encourage them to watch and to help them learn more, I have created a scavenger hunt of the countries that are supposed to be participating in the Olympics this time around.

Because the information about the ceremony says that they are going to highlight the landscape of Russia, different landmarks, different people, music and art, I have included a page at the end with some general titles. The kids can write or draw things that they see or hear that are of interest to them or you can give them some specific instructions of what you want them to look and listen for.

2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Scavenger Hunt PDF

May you be blessed as you learn. Together. At Home.

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One thought on “Scavenger Hunt – Winter Olympics

  1. […] We will be doing a large unit on the Sochi Winter Olympics. They are not an every day occurrence and there is so much to be learned that we cannot squander this opportunity. For more on the plans we have made for the Winter Olympics unit, see my posts about the resources we will be using and the Opening Ceremony scavenger hunt. […]

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