Snowflake Baby

snowflake collage with title

As part of our winter study, we have done some really fun activities. We are still working on those and we will publish a post on it later. However, part of the study of the snowflake included a creative writing activity. The girls made a paper snowflake “baby”, decorated it and gave it a face, then wrote about that snowflake’s life in some way.
E – Age 9 Snowflake Baby
Once upon a time, there was a mommy and daddy snowflake. When they melted they left behind a speck of ash. The ash grew water vapor around it. Then, it froze into a ice ball. Next, it grew hexagonal crystals. The crystals grew. Now it was a baby snowflake! She fell to earth and then was buried for 10 days because of the blizzard. Finally she melted, leaving only a speck of ash behind.

E – age 9 Snow Crystals
Once upon a time
fell straight in a line.
One, two, three
Him, her, me.

First some ash,
Not some trash.
Grow some vapor,
Better not wake her.

Very cold ice ball
Not a single wall.
Hexagon crystals,
Not a few pistols.

Crystals grow,
Let’s row.
Fall to earth,
And we can’t surf.



L – Age 7 – The Life of a Snow Crystal

A tiny speck of pollen, salt, or soil.
Forms while the humans use the oil
to light their lamps
a speck of water vapor comes from the camps.
From a lake, a pond,  a pool or a ocean,
The water vapor sticks to it like a clump of lotion.
Then a ball of ice forms on the spot,
then it forms into hexagonal crystals whatnot.
The crystal grows. Crystals join to make a big, big, big, big snowflake, flake!
And after it grows, and joins, and knows,
that it’s ready to come down, it snows!


J – age 4
J created twin snowflakes – a boy and a girl. She was pretty proud of them. J didn’t do any creative writing but she told a cute story to me about her snowflakes.

If you have done any creative writing this winter, please share with us what you did. We have found that writing happens very well after a craft associated with it. We’ll be sharing another one soon. In the meantime, we’ll be doing more creating. At Home.

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