Field Trip – Mayborn and Weebles

If you have been following our journey, you know that we have been working on a unit about the 50 states. If you are new to our journey or just visiting, you can visit this post to read more about the unit we have been working on. We love field trips and are blessed to have a local museum that we love to visit.

The Mayborn Museum hosts a number of fantastic traveling exhibits each year. Currently, they have a really fun, hands-on exhibit directed at learning about the 50 states. It is called Weebles Coast to Coast. Since it fit in with our unit study, we have made a point of visiting this exhibit. This field trip was incredibly fun and we will be going back again soon since it is here for a while longer.

Here are some of the fun things that the girls got to do and learn about during the field trip to the Mayborn.


Louisiana – playing in a street band or front porch band


Louisiana – playing in a street band or front porch band


Kentucky – caring for a horse that just raced in the Kentucky Derby


Alaska – riding a dog sled in the Iditarod


Nebraska – corn field maze and farm sounds


New Mexico – going for a balloon ride


visiting caverns


dressing in an astronaut suit


Pennsylvania – playing the bells


Minnesota – fishing on one of the many lakes


Pennsylvania – ground hog time


Pennsylvania – more ground hog time, this time the puppet moved (with some help)


Maine – visiting a lighthouse


Missouri – checking out the St. Louis Arch


Texas – a ten gallon hat


Mississippi – riverboat ride


Indiana – changing a tire on a race car for the Indianapolis 500


kayaking through the rapids

For our first visit, I just let the girls explore. They ran from state to state (it was almost completely empty of visitors when we went) and explored and played. When we go back, the girls will have a scavenger hunt to complete that I am making for them.

If you get the chance to visit this exhibit, do! I highly recommend it. There are so many learning opportunities. At Home.

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One thought on “Field Trip – Mayborn and Weebles

  1. Jennifer Altman February 28, 2014 at 10:48 am Reply

    I love hands on museums! This one looks great! Thanks for sharing at FTF!

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