Sewing To Summer – February Update

Feb update title

Lots of sewing got done. Mainly because I knew I was going to be writing this post and I was bound and determined to have something to post. I have gotten two major projects dealt with, which makes me very happy.

First, I got all of the button on pieces for the Christmas Countdowns completed. I am so happy these are done because, while super cute, they took a TON more time than I ever imagined.

button on pieces pic

Second, the bedspread for my youngest giggly girl was completed. It was not a complicated one and I just winged it based on amount of fabric I had and the size of the bed (a twin). The fabric was free, gorgeous, and perfect for my giggly girl. The sheer size of sewing a covering for a bed was a new challenge to me but I am so happy with it. Most importantly, so is she! Birthday present – check!!

bed spread pic

That is the extent of this month’s sewing but again, I am pleased. A couple more projects are checked off of the list. What did you get accomplished this month with sewing or other craft that you enjoy? At Home.

Want more inspiration? Later today, I will be linking up at Milk & Honey Mommy who is hosting this challenge.

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