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How to find the motivation, the get-up-and-go, the umph! to get things done? Motivated Moms!

Motivated Moms Review

I was given my choice of Motivated Moms Ebooks to use and review. It has been a good thing and our family has been blessed. I believe that we all bless our families by tending to their needs and keeping our home comfortable, whether that is making a dinner, washing clothes, or wiping down the light fixtures. Each little thing we do blesses our families and Motivated Moms has helped our family bless each other by getting the tasks done that need done.

Motivated Moms ReviewMotivated Moms was created as a chore planning system. Each ebook is $8, printable, and it covers all your basic daily routine tasks. It includes all those weekly tasks. But, here’s the cool part, it even manages to throw in those annual tasks and semi-annual tasks and monthly things that need to get done but I always seem to forget because they aren’t written down anywhere.

One of the keys of Motivated Moms is balance. When our lives are in balance, they run smoother and everyone is happier. That balance requires that not only do the necessary things around the house get done but that we take the time needed for ourselves, for our health and well being. This is the piece that often gets left out when I am scheduling tasks and things to get done. I forget to write down Bible time (listed as quiet time on the chore planner) and so, when those mornings come that I get started without my normal sit-down time, this is something that gets left out. With Motivated Moms, I see that later in the day when I am checking chores off and I take the time to sit down and read my Bible. I forget to specify that I need to exercise in my to-do list and therefore, I don’t. There is even a weekly task of pampering yourself! This is a major step that I often seem to forget. Before Motivated Moms, I had gotten better. With Motivated Moms, I am doing LOTS better.

Another key to Motivated Moms is that it is adaptable. While I would love it if I could made modifications before printing the chart out, it is easy enough to adapt it after printing. I just mark through things that don’t apply to me and our family, for example – no pets to feed daily and no second story to vacuum. I also write in things that we need on there. I do menu planning every other Wednesday and grocery shopping every other Thursday. I just write those things in. Ladies’ Bible Class gets added to every Tuesday. Library gets added to every Friday.close up of chore list

I thrive with check off lists and so this just feeds my heart with joy every time I get to go mark off a little box. The lists vary with tasks and I haven’t figured out some of the patterns yet but I love that all the stuff that needs done has a box somewhere within the month. My refrigerator is cleaner inside than it had been in a while because most days of most weeks one of the tasks is to clean some part of the refrigerator, whether it is the inside of the freezer compartment or underneath the drawers or wiping down the front. One little thing at a time and everything gets done.

The Motivated Moms planner comes in either an ebook format to download and print or as an app for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android. Personally, I am a pencil and paper person so I love the printable Motivated Moms in organizerebook format. I printed it out for the whole year (because I knew if I waited and tried to print it off one month at a time or one page at a time, I would start skipping when things got crazy and then it would be put off and then, eventually, forgotten). I was trying to decide where to keep it so that I would see it. You know that saying “Out of sight = out of mind”? Well, that is true for me. I needed the planner where I could see it. And then I found the perfect place! I had just hung up my new organizer on the front of our pantry and it has a clear pocket on it that fits an 8 1/2 x 11 page perfectly! I slipped the whole year’s worth of Motivated Moms in there and I see it all the time now. When I am standing at the pantry getting lunch stuff out, I see it and think about that next task I need to do. It is serving as a constant reminder and that is exactly what I need.

Motivated Moms Ebooks were created in eight different versions for you to choose from:

  • the full-sized with Bible readings scheduled (a schedule to read the Bible through in a year),
  • the full-sized without the Bible schedule,
  • a half-sized version with scheduled Bible readings
  • a half-sized version without scheduled Bible readings
  • a full-sized “page per day” version with scheduled Bible readings
  • a full-sized “page per day” version without scheduled Bible readings
  • a half-sized “page per day” version with the Bible schedule
  • a half-sized “page per day” version without the Bible schedule

You should be able to find one that fits your needs and suits what you are wanting. If you would like to take a look at each one, Motivated Moms has samples on their website at http://www.MotivatedMoms.com. You can take a close up look at each one to see how they are organized and how they are laid out. It is definitely worth taking a look at each one and printing out a sample or two of your choice before purchase. That will allow you to see exactly how big or small the print is, if it gives you space to write in additional tasks that are specific to your family, and just get the feel of it.

I am not using it as a hard and fast “get everything done for each day” type of check list. I am looking at it from a more relaxed point of view. I truly believe that everything that gets done blesses my family. If I can only get a couple of the things checked off each day, that is two more things that blessed my family that day. I can always go back later in the week and catch those other things if I have time. If not, they will still be needing done the next time it comes up on the chore list. No big deal! I also work ahead some. If I see something that catches my fancy as an “I want to do that now” thing, I will do it. Seeing the needs written out is motivation for me to do something. Because of this, so much more is getting done around the house. Also, when the girls ask what their chores are for the day, I have a place that lists out things that need done. I can pick something for them or let them pick. Either way, they are blessing the family and something that needs doing is getting done.

This has been a huge blessing for our family, even if I am the only one seeing it. I am more inclined to do something that takes just a minute or two when I have a minute or two and to tackle those larger tasks like cleaning the fan/light fixture in the master bedroom when I have a bit more time. Motivation has increased. Motivated Moms is a success for us and it will continue to be used long after this review period has ended, as we bless our family, one task at a time. At Home.

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