Story Cubes Day

Story Cubes titleToday, we used Story Cubes for our writing prompt. If you have never used them before, they are just a set of cubes with pictures on them. You roll them like dice and then use the pictures to create a story.

L, age 7, wrote this story based on the cubes in the picture below. (no editing on my part in typing it in here)

L's story cubes

Ounce upon a time there was a mad sintist. He wanted to be king. He lived in a cottide in the hills. He mixed up a brew and told his pet crab “Don’t say a thing. This spell only works in silence.” He got another gaget ready and cranked the wheel. Then he held out his bag and the powder fell into it and he closed the bag cakling. Then he opend the bag and got out a handful of the powder. He thrust it into the air. Just then his pet crab pinched him. “OWWW!” he cried. The powder stopped in midair and then disiperid. “Nooooo!” the sintest cried. “Another eviel plan foiled!”



E, age 9, wrote the following story based on the story cubes below. (again – no editing on my part in typing it in)

E's story cubes


Once upon a time a little girl lived with her grandmother. They loved to play ball together. The little girl hurt her finger. The girl and her grandmother went out. When they were gone a robber knocked on the door. When no one awnsered he went in to steal all of their money. But the girl’s next door neighbor saw him and started screaming. The girl came with her grandmother and they called the police and they arrested him. Grandmother talked to the police and they walked home. Then they celebrated. The End.


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