5 Days of Our Favorite Books – J’s Choices (age 5)

I was told better late than never; so, here it is late!

J Title

When J was asked to bring me some of her favorite books, the ones she chose were predictable.

J - Barbie

Barbie is a huge favorite and we don’t mind the Barbie books because the girls really do seem to focus more on the stories than on the drawings. Barbie has some that are terrific lesson stories and lots that have a lot of information in them that is good.

J - Dora

She often chooses Dora; she doesn’t come home from the library without at least one Dora book and sometimes that is all she chooses. I’m okay with that and I’ll let her hold onto her childhood for as long as she wants.

J - Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears is another favorite, among all of the girls actually. Again, there are lots of morals to be found in these books and they are writing some with a Christian story to them.

J - Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is a fun series because of all of the vocabulary and the boisterous, outrageous Nancy. Personally, I enjoy these as well.

J - Sophia

Sophia the First is one that came to our attention rather late, according to fads and such (which I am fine with!). J has just really enjoyed Sophia and has a soft Sophia that is a favorite doll, as well. She likes the books and has watched several of the Sophia videos. Always, though, the book trumps all the videos out there.

J - Frozen

Can you tell my daughter has a tendency to enjoy princesses and fancy dresses and the “popular” stuff? For all that she does, she is very down to earth and thinks deeply about all of these. Frozen is another favorite, as I think it is with all little girls right now. Again, I don’t mind this one because we have had so many really good discussion about Frozen – selfless love, true love, caring for others and what that can/should look like, recognizing a gift or talent, using versus hiding that gift, honoring others through your gifts, etc. Each reading of the book or singing of the songs can lend itself to another opportunity to encourage her to be the young lady God has planned for her to be.

J - Midnight FairiesJ - Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Then we get to some that are less-well-known: The Midnight Fairies and Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. Fun, fun, fun! I don’t know where The Midnight Fairies came from (I am thinking a sleepover at Ginny’s house – that is grandma for us) but it is a really cute little book that she asks to have read often. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild came from her Aunt. We count on Aunt Katie to find unusual, fun, unique books and this one holds true to her ability to do so. I love Mr. Tiger Goes Wild!

These are the current favorites for our recently turned 5 year old. What are some of your suggestions for a little girl? I am always looking for unique choices in literature to share with the girls. At Home.

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4 thoughts on “5 Days of Our Favorite Books – J’s Choices (age 5)

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  4. […] Want to see what others in the family chose? Dad’s choices Mom’s choices E (age 9) J (age 5) […]

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