5 Days of Our Favorite Books – Dad’s Favorites

Dad's TitleToday Dad of At Home: where life happens is writing the post to let you in on a few of his favorite books. I always love to hear what he has to say and his post on his favorite books does not disappoint.


I feel handicapped, because most of my favorite “keepers” are loaded in boxes now for the move! Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head.

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

I have read this five or six times, and it never fails to teach me something. I am actually listening to it on audio right now, and laughing aloud at the earlier parts. The trial and surrounding elements never fail to completely engross me, and tear me apart emotionally. This is a rough book in a lot of places. I would not give it to a child younger than 15 or 16. There are things they wouldn’t understand (hopefully, anyway). I don’t think a young teen has the discernment and experience to understand the themes here, anyway. I do think it is an excellent book to have your child read before they leave home, though.

The Dark Tower – Stephen King

This is Stephen King’s largest work, taking almost 30 years to finish! Think of it as a cowboy version of Lord of the Rings, with a modern twist, and you’ll be in the ballpark. Like most of his fiction, it has its darker elements, and a fair bit of profanity. It’s not horror, though, but fantasy. Tolkien, if he had been raised in the Bronx. If you decide to try it, the first novel, The Gunslinger, is a little bit of a slow starter for some; give it time and it will hook you hard!

Favorite Authors

Roald Dahl – I really prefer his children’s works over his adult fiction. Some of the short stories are great, but ALL of the children’s books are wonderful. I have read almost all of them aloud to my girls!

Mark Twain – If you want to learn about human beings, read Twain.

Bernard Cornwell – I just found him last year, but see great potential for addiction! By all accounts, his historical fiction is very, very accurate. By my personal account, it is also very entertaining!

Just Plain Fun

When you’re reading two or three books at a time, some have to be just for fun.

Gregory MacDonald – Light reading, but the man wrote excellent mystery novels. His distinguishing characteristic is a great gift for dialogue.

Lee Child – One of my favorite new authors, for a really good story.

Robert B. Parker – Wrote the Spenser novels, on which the 80s TV show was based. What I like about him is that his characters THINK. They are intelligent, but practical. This pleases me. He also has other series, including some westerns that I have not tried.

Lawrence Block – A truly gifted writer who chose to write in the crime/detective field. Definitely a cut above most.


Lori back now. Thank you for joining us for 5 Days of Our Favorite Books. We have had fun thinking about books this week and are rejuvenated and thinking about what to read next. What is next on your reading list? After I finish Ballet Shoes, I need some suggestions. At Home.

What to see what others in the family chose?

Mom’s choices
E (age 9)
L (age 7)
J (age 5)

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6 thoughts on “5 Days of Our Favorite Books – Dad’s Favorites

  1. agilitynut April 11, 2014 at 10:16 pm Reply

    I like Roald Dahl books as well for children. (annette @ a net in time)>

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  4. […] to see what others in the family chose? Dad’s choices Mom’s choices L (age 7) E (age […]

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