Daily Habits

Daily Habits

What are your daily habits? We all have them. Whether we have created them on purpose or they have just fallen into place because of the way we do things, habits exist in everyone’s life.

Do you drink the same thing in the morning? (Tea, plain and black, of course)
Do you get dressed before breakfast or after? (as soon as I get up)
Do you drive the same way to wherever you might be going? (if there were another way, I just might take it, but yes, I do)
Do you go to the grocery store on the same day of the week almost every time? (Thursdays)
Do you brush your teeth and wash your face in the same order before you go to bed at night (yep – teeth first)
And how about one of a different sort? Do you pray every time you see or hear an emergency vehicle? (I do and it started in high school – ask me about it sometime)

Routines are good. They are good for us because they help us to not forget something that might be important. They are also good for us because they reinforce some things that we need.

My biggest and most important routine has nothing to do with breakfast or bed or going somewhere, though. It is my daily Bible reading.

It isn’t long. It isn’t hard. But it is important. Beyond measure!

When I read the Bible first, my day is smoother. I get more done. I have more patience. I can deal with the twists and turns that come my way. My day is better. Period.

I encourage you to become a daily Bible reader. It doesn’t matter how you do it – holding a physical Bible, using an e reader, or using your phone. Whatever you need to do to read your Bible. Just start. Maybe you need to start with just a verse a day. That is a good start. May I suggest Proverbs as your starting place if you are only going to read a verse or two? If you are up for a chapter or two, perhaps Romans or Ephesians or James. All of those are great encouragers. Whatever you choose, just start. Every day. Every morning. Then hop over here and let me know what you read. I’ll read it, too. And, together, we’ll make a habit that will benefit you and all you come in contact with. At Home.



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