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Today, I wanted to share two quick things with you. Of course, they are completely unrelated. But, one quick, simple post will do.

First, May 21st was supposed to be a Sewing to Summer update. Well, since we are trying to sell the house, the sewing machine and the embroidery machine are packed away. I did pull them out to do a couple of projects but forgot to take any pictures. I made a diaper carrier for someone a church. I also made several sets of a color matching game out of felt for some folks who were wanting them. I didn’t take pictures of those that I just made but here is a picture of some that I made a while back.
crayon color matching game


Secondly, a Kindle saving idea for the kitchen. One of the reasons I have shied away from electronic recipes for so long is because we have not had a good way to bring them into the kitchen and use them without printing OR I have to constantly walk back and forth from the kitchen to the computer for each ingredient or step. Well, while working on several recipes the other day, I had this idea:kindle saverNow, I am certain that this is not a good idea for a long term thing but for an hour or so of cooking, it was perfect. The bag is heavy enough to protect the Kindle from spills, splatters, and sprays yet thin enough to easily detect finger movement on the screen. We had no issues while making our foods from Zimbabwe the other day. The technique will again be employed and I can now more easily bring new recipes to try into the kitchen without problem.


Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, remembering those who have sacrificed for the freedom we all hold dear. To each of them and their families – thank you for your sacrifice and willingness to give. May you be blessed.


At Home.





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