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The oldest giggly girl is interested in all things science so when we were given the chance to review Go Science DVDs, we were excited. These DVDs feature Ben Roy in hands-on science activities that can, for the most part, be recreated at home. Sold online by Library and Educational Services, the content of this series is easily accessible for children. It is suggested that the information is geared towards students ages 6-10. However, the 5 year old giggly girl is interested in it, too, and can follow it well, getting a lot out of each segment. I believe that going outside of this age range by a couple of years either way would be well received.


Go Science ReviewGo Science Review

Library and Educational Services (http://LibraryandEd.com) is a wholesale supplier. If you are a homeschooler, you can register as a wholesale buyer. These DVDs can be purchased individually for $8.97 (retail price is listed at $14.95). You can also purchase them as a whole set for $59.82 (retail price is listed at $99.70). There are 7 DVDs in this set.

These science activities are easy to watch and the facilitator on the video, Ben Roy, walks the students through what he is doing and some of the science behind what is going on. Often, they do the activity multiple times so that the kids get a chance to see what happens more than once. Generally, one of the times the activity is repeated is after the explanation so that the students get a better idea of what they are seeing.

The girls enjoyed the videos quite a bit. The segments are short, running less than 10 minutes, I think. (I never did time any of them but it was hard to not watch several segments in one sitting because they were so quick.) The navigation on the DVD is self-explanatory and the girls were able to work through the menus without any help from an adult. It was not unusual for us to watch a couple of segments before bedtime since it would slow the girls down a bit and they would be learning something.

We reviewed Volume Three: Air and Volume Seven: Engineering, Design, Flight.

Go Science Review

Go Science Review

Volume Three: Air

Some of the demonstrations in the Air DVD include:

  • Marshmallow with Vacuum
  • Hovercraft
  • Clinging Cards
  • Bouncing Bubbles
  • Blow Up Big Bags/Race

You will get a total of 10 different activities on this DVD, all relating to air and how it can be used in different ways. There were interesting to see and gave us some insight into different aspects of air, air pressure, and ways air affects the world around us.

Volume Seven: Engineering, Design, Flight

In the Engineering, Design, Flight DVD, you will see activities such as:

  • Leaning Tower of Lyra
  • Trebuchet
  • Walking on Eggs
  • Bed of Nails-Small
  • Rocket Balloons
  • Film Canister Rocket

Film Canister Rocket 2Film Canister RocketRocket Balloon

There are a total of 11 science projects on this DVD. Some of these the girls were unimpressed with but most of them were followed with a cry of “can we do that?” We really enjoyed making the film canister rockets and seeing just how high we could make the top pop. The rocket balloon was interesting, too. We didn’t have the long, straight balloons so we did it with what we had. There was still a very noticeable difference in the sounds and the way the balloon acted, so it was a successful demonstration.

What the Giggly Girls Thought:

E – age 10 – I liked it. I liked how he made what he was saying clear but I wish there were more explanation. I liked that they were short.

L – age 8 – I liked them. They were fun.

J – age 5 – I liked the walking on eggs.

What I Thought:

I was pretty impressed with the demonstrations themselves. The activities were designed in a way that captures the imagination of the student. Choosing things that kids play around with (balloons, fizzy things, nails, etc) and applying the science behind those items really grabs their attention. Use those items in a surprising way and the kids just love it. A balloon pushing down on nails – FUN! This was one the girls wanted to try right away.

Of course,  when you are viewing over 20 different science demonstrations, there are going to be a couple that just weren’t that exciting to any given child. This is true with these DVDs but I would say there were only two or three that were not “I gotta try this!” exciting for at least one of the giggly girls. Even those that weren’t terribly exciting would be fun to do because everyone likes hands-on science. Right?

I felt as though just about all of the activities we would be able to recreate if we located the materials (film canisters with pop on lids are hard to come by these days and I don’t know for sure what would work the same way – but I am looking!). That, in my mind, is one of the great things about these videos – Finding something that is interesting for the kids AND the students being able to do it themselves. Science that is just talked at you doesn’t stick around. The kids can get their hands busy with these videos if an adult is around to help them (and keep them safe when working with things that explode, pop, whizz around, or break).

Ben Roy does a good job of attributing all the world, all of creation, to God, our Creator. Mr. Roy would take a moment in each segment to relate the experiment or demonstration to God. An example from the Air DVD: Mr. Roy relates how our mind can absorb so much information; God made our brains to be able to just keep taking in more and more, like the container full of sand that can keep absorbing more water. Each segment closed with the statement “Every time we learn more about science, we learn more about our Creator. God!” I appreciate that Mr. Roy helps me reinforce with the girls that God is over all, creator of all, and the one in charge of it all while still helping me reinforce their education in science.

Want To Get Them?

With an age range of 6-10, and knowing they will appeal to an even broader range, you can use these at home, in a school setting, a church setting, and more. Visit Library and Educational Services at http://www.libraryanded.com/goscience/series2.html to find their Go Science DVDs. At Home.


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