Make It Work Monday

Make It Work Monday title

This may be a new thing for us and maybe it is just for today. Anyhow, we spent today “making it work.” Mostly, this applied to clothing fix-its. We had one for the doll and several for the humans of the household. In a nod to our past Sewing To Summer series, here are the sewing lessons and activities we did today.

Doll Dress Repair:

L had one of the straps of this doll dress come apart. So, she learned how to thread a needle and knot it for hand sewing. She then sewed the broken strap on, learning to avoid the hole in the fabric, and sewed the other strap to keep it from having the same problem.

Doll dress repair


Print Dress:

E added a lace insert from a spaghetti-strap tank that was never worn and never would be. This made the dress modest and E can now wear it. She helped with all steps of the designing and sewing process.

print dress re-do


Leopard Print Dress:

We added pin-tucks along the front of this dress and tucks at the shoulders. Both of these pulled the neckline up, making it a modest and wearable dress for E.

leopard print dress repair

Teal T-shirt:

This is a favorite for sleeping but was just too low-cut for it to be comfortable. So, we worked on it and created a v-shaped tuck at the center (where there was already a v) and just sewed it down.

t shirt repair


Butterfly Camo:

This pair of pants had a hole in the knee. It fits J in the waist so I cut the pants evenly across the hole and hemmed them to create a pair of cropped pants for early fall. I then refashioned the pieces that were cut from the legs into strapless dresses for the dolls. It was a simple thing since the elastic was already in the pants leg. I did have to take off and resew the bows so they weren’t upside down. I just decided how tight the elastic at the top needed to be, cut it apart and resewed it at an angle from there down to the existing seam. Then I cut the excess fabric off along that sewn angle and zigzagged the edge to keep it from fraying.

butterfly camo repair

Make It Work Monday resulted in a much smaller sewing pile for me and I enjoyed not having to do it all myself. I like doing sewing lessons so maybe this will continue next Monday. At Home.


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