Favorite Blogs

Favorite Blogs


If you are like me, you are constantly trolling the internet and Pinterest and Facebook for ideas and good blogs to follow. In the interest of consolidating a couple of ideas, I am going to share with you some of my favorite blogs.

Every Bed Of Roses – This fun blog is authored by a super sweet lady from Australia. I get lots of great ideas and plenty of encouragement. Plus, I am learning so much about Australia by following the field trips they take and tidbits she shares.

Ben and Me – My favorite thing about this blog right now is the word studies that Marcy is sharing each week. Marcy hosts an ABC Blogging event and each week she does a word study for the next letter of the alphabet. It is great encouragement, plus I am learning a lot.

This Reading Mama – I get tons of reading and language development ideas from this blog. There are tips, games, printables, and so much more. We have used many, many ideas from This Reading Mama and a good bit of the free PK reading curriculum that is offered on the site.

1+1+1=1 – This is another site that I have gotten a lot of amazing ideas from. Having followed this lady for a while now, long before we began our homeschooling journey, we have used game ideas, organizational ideas, Tot School ideas, and so much more from this site.

Great Peace Academy – The thing I get most from this blog is encouragement. Renée shares plenty of ideas, and I appreciate those, too, but the encouragement received from her calm way of writing is beyond measure for me.

Everyday Truth – Another blog that I get a lot of encouragement from is Everyday Truth. This mom presents everyday activities and choices in a Biblical view with great insight. I appreciate so much of what she has to say and even more, how she chooses to say it. She blesses me often with thoughts that are so very helpful and encouraging.

Hodgepodge – The last one I’m sharing today is Hodgepodge. We visit this blog regularly for the things they share: trips, tips, organization, and ART! I will be honest, though – the biggest reason we visit Hodgepodge is for the art tutorials that are provided. My girls have fallen in love with chalk pastels and we get lots of fantastic ideas and tutorials from Hodgepodge.


These are by no means all of the blogs that I enjoy visiting and that I get ideas from. These are just the ones that I was thinking about today for this particular post. On any given day, I will choose a different set of favorites. So for today, I hope you find a new blog to follow and learn from and that you get some new ideas. At Home.


This post is part of a round-up of ideas. Be sure to visit these other bloggers by clicking below. Perhaps you will find even more blogs to follow and many more ideas to use.

Favorite Homeschool Blogs

(Link will go live on Wednesday, August 6, 2014.)





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