Make It Work Monday – shelves

shelf title Today’s Make It Work Monday post is about shelves. Storage is always an issue and when we changed a bedroom into a playroom, we still had that issue. With one major exception – I had an idea of how to help out with the storage of toys in the new playroom.

Here is what we started with:

shelf beginning

This was originally created to be placed underneath a loft bed, thus no top shelf. The giggly girl with the loft bed did not want to have this under it so into the play room it goes. But first, we had to make it work.

shelf with top

To be used as storage, a top shelf was a must. I used a piece of plywood that we had in the garage and measured it by placing the wood on top of the shelf unit and drawing the edges where the cuts needed to be made with a pencil. Then I cut the plywood to size. To attach it, I predrilled the holes and the used wood screws to attach the wood to the shelf unit.


Then I sanded the entire unit a bit in preparation for painting. After the sanding, it needed wiped with a damp cloth to get the dust off. We used Behr’s all-in-one indoor paint (paint and primer in one) that we had left over from painting rooms to paint the shelves. The giggly girls helped with the painting.

After it was painted, we let it dry well (24 hours) in the garage. Then we brought it into the playroom and let the paint cure for another 48 hours before the girls were allowed to store anything on it.

shelf finished

So, we took a piece that was not going to be used, modified it, and now we have a wonderful shelf unit for the play room. At Home.


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