Our Homeschool Room

Learning AreasOkay – that title wasn’t fair. We don’t have a homeschool room. We homeschool in the parts of the house where we live. Which means – everywhere! I thought I would share with you a few pictures of our main areas, though.


main work areaOur dining and living areas will be our main work spaces. This is where the tables are, the computer is, and the couch is. Each of the two older giggly girls also has a desk and chair in a bedroom where they can go if they need to work in a quieter area.

curriculum case

We keep our curriculum books and manipulatives on these shelves. We usually keep this inside the house but it is currently housed in the garage for space purposes while our house is on the market. I plan to label each of the bins but haven’t done it yet. Inside the doors (the picture on the right), the girls keep their daily work boxes. The purple, pink, and blue have easy off lids and hold a lot. The girls keep things like Spelling You See and their book logs in these. They will also keep their notecard binders for Mystery of History in these.

library books book shelves

reading areas

Reading is a huge part of our curriculum, no matter the subject. It is just as important for us to have books to read relating to math as it for history. So, we have tons of books around and we try to provide some relaxing places for the girls to read. The baskets are the books we have from the library and any books related to a specific theme we might be working on. The book shelf is in our hallway and is the books that we own. Yes, it is a lot but that is intentional because the more that we make available, the more the girls tend to read.

This concludes the photo tour of the main learning areas for our homeschool. I hope you enjoyed it.

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I am posting this as part of the Review Crew Carnival of Homeschool Classrooms.

Homeschool Classrooms


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