Make It Work Monday – more skirts

MIWM skirts

The giggly girls love to wear skirts and they refuse to stop getting taller. I don’t know what is up with that! But, I do know what it means. Skirts that are constantly too short. Dresses that are too short. And not enough shorts in the house. Constantly.

So, today’s edition of Make It Work Monday is more skirts. We have been working on lengthening skirts yet again. I have two skirts that we added length to for E. She helped choose the fabric to go with them and she helped sew them. (I love the sewing lessons that go along with making something work better and be more useful.) She got a lesson in sewing on knits and how to choose fabrics to go with knit and stretchy fabrics. We also took a pair of leggings that had a huge hole in the knee and cut them off to be shorts to go under all those skirts and dresses that get worn. Because they were a knit/spandex combination, they did not need hemmed. So L, the middle giggly girl, got a quick lesson in fabrics.

white skirt  black skirt

pink shorts

Did you work on anything recently to Make It Work? I would love to have you share what you did in our comments section. If you have a blog post on it, feel free to leave the link and I’ll hop over there and check it out. At Home.




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