A Review: Happy Kids Songs

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Singing and dancing happen often around here with three giggly girls and two parents who love music. This was a perfect addition to our house! We absolutely love these songs. We were given three of the albums to use (Friends & Sharing, Happiness & Attitude, and Manners & Character), as well as a copy of Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills. The happy, cheerful music that is full of quality sounds is paired with lyrics that strengthen character without talking down to the girls. Happy Kids Songs makes for a happy mama, too!

Happy Kids Songs Review

Happy Kids Songs was created by Dr. Mac. He is a child psychologist who saw a need for music that engages children and gives them age-appropriate content. (If you know the PBS hit Jay Jay the Jet Plane then you know his music already.) His music bridges the gap from children’s songs (like Twinkle, Twinkle and ABCs) and the music that teens listen to that has a beat that is appealing to children but content that is not appropriate. Geared towards ages 3-8 but appropriate for a much wider audience, the music is engaging and exciting and the lyrics help the children gain the knowledge they need to maneuver through the rough spots of life – bullying, needing to tell the truth, a friend not wanting to play with you, feeling down on yourself, and more.

Friends & Sharing

Happy Kids Songs Review

This album has five songs in it that deal with different aspects of friendship. The first song on this album, Sailing on the Seven Cs, is one of the girls favorites. I would hear them singing it when they were playing in their rooms. This song deals with caring, consideration, commitment, communication, concern, curiosity, and cooperation. All great concepts the girls need to learn and work on. Sharing Friends is another of the girls favorites. It is a situation they can all relate to: you want to play with a friend but that friend is already playing with someone else and tells you they don’t want to play with you. It helps them see that there are a couple of choices, neither of which includes feeling sorry for yourself.  The words tell them that it’s okay for the friend to want to play with someone else and you can come back another day OR the friend chooses to ask the other person if they can all three play together and the friend says “yes.”

Happiness & Attitude

Happy Kids Songs ReviewThis album’s five songs all work on your own choices and how you feel and act. The all time favorite is on this album – Shake It Out And Dance. This one also gets sung all over the place and each of the girls has made up a dance for it. When the album gets played, this one gets repeated over and over and over. But, I am okay with that. They are getting good words into their heads. Most times, they are also getting exercise. This album also has Who Knows What’s A Kudo, which the girls really like. This songs talks to them about saying nice things about others, complimenting them whenever possible.

Manners & Character

Happy Kids Songs Review

This set of five songs works on honesty, saying please, accepting others little quirks, using the Golden Rule, and understanding that everyone has a different perspective on things. The girls liked these but the tunes didn’t stick with them as much as the others. I really like the purpose of these songs.



Happy Kids Songs Workbook

workbook activities

 Happy Kids Songs Review



The girls loved having the lyrics to the songs, E especially. She would sit and follow along with the song. We also had fun doing some of the activities from the workbook. The girls did some of the coloring sheets, the word finds, the drawing activities, and more. This was a fun addition to have.

How To Get Happy Kids Songs

These albums, as well as five more, are available only as a download. (You will be able to play them on your computer or transfer them to an mp3 player.) Just head over to the Happy Kids Songs website. There you will find Friends & Sharing (Set 1), Happiness & Attitude (Set 5), and Manners & Character (Set 6) for $4.95 each. You can also get a copy of the workbook for $12.95.

My Thoughts

These are a fun, valuable resource. As the girls get a bit older, they are wanting to explore more music and so much of what is out there is not good for them. These songs are fun, exciting, unique, and they provide lyrics that help the girls’ character develop stronger. I am really quite pleased with these and we have enjoyed having them to play. At Home.

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