R is for…Reading

R is for Reading

Books, books, books. You will find them everywhere around our house. The normal bedtime question around our house is “Can I read in bed?” Just for the record: sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it is no. But, more often than not, it is yes.

You see, we try to live out a philosophy of “life is learning.” When the giggly girls are reading, they are learning. About relationships. How to spell. Grammar. Science. History. Understanding others. Understanding themselves. About the world. About our God, Father, Keeper, Protector.

You cannot read a book without getting some kind of learning out of it. Even a joke book. Yes, I am serious about that. Have you recently read a joke book? Joke books are next to impossible to read silently. When you read a funny joke, don’t you just have this huge desire to share it with someone and see if they laugh with you? See – even joke books help you become more confident of a public speaker and help you build your relationship with others.

All that to say – we don’t have to require reading in our schooling because the girls are always reading for fun. But, we do. We set an expectation of certain types of literature being read every month. They have to share that reading with someone, as well. They can share it by narration, a report, a picture, reading it aloud to someone else, or other ideas that they come up with on their own. Required reading allows us to help guide our girls to more challenging literature, as well as helping them each build their self-confidence and poise in various areas.

What does our required reading look like, you ask? Here it is. Feel free to click on the link below the picture to download your own copy. I do change the picture and title each month and we keep these in our files after they are completed.


2014 September Log picture

2014 September Log


Each month, we will have a reward for completing the required reading fully and on time. This will include an embroidered tag with an encouraging symbol or statement on it that they can keep on a key ring and an outing for a meal or treat. Last year, we used the Pizza Hut Book It! program. I don’t know if we will use that again or not. For one, I haven’t received those coupons yet. For another, it doesn’t fit into the meal plan that we are trying to maintain for one of the giggly girls. So, we’ll see. After all, I have one month to figure it out, right?!?

Do you have required reading in your classroom, homeschool, or as a supplement to what your child’s teacher is doing? I would love to know more about what that looks like for your family and what kinds of rewards you use. Meanwhile, I have some reading of my own to do. I am working on Don Quixote. Just for fun! I have never read it and it presents a great challenge. At Home.

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