U is for… Unbelievably Sweet Princess Slumber Party

U unbelievably sweet

About a year ago, at the local library book sale, J found a cute little book on how to host a Princess Slumber Party. She has asked a number of times to do this but, in typical 5 year old fashion, doesn’t ask until it is time for bed. Well, after months of telling her she has to ask earlier in the day, she did! It was “unbelievably sweet” when she came to me, excited and breathless, knowing she had thought about it early enough that I just might say “yes!”

So, this “unbelievably sweet” girl got to host her princess slumber party. As part of school that day, we worked on how to plan and execute a party as the hostess. Using the book, she showed me what she was interested in including at the party. We talked about the practicality of some of the things – sending an invitation to a friend in the metroplex 2 hours away – and made plans for what would work. She selected some activities first (sisters sleeping on her floor, movie with dinner, stories in bed) and then we planned the food.

J chose a simple dinner, for which I am thankful. So we had turkey hot dogs, corn, and peas for dinner. She made a fancy drink to go with dinner though – fruit fizzies. This consists of a scoop of ice cream drizzled with strawberry syrup and lemonade poured over the top. We had made the lemonade earlier, which was fun for her because L usually makes lemonade.

U prepping

Now dessert – this is where the “fun” came in and what J was really planning for the whole time. She made Princess Pudding (I’ll share the recipe, which is also “unbelievably sweet”!) and got the makings for microwave s’mores. My kind of dessert! She carefully made up each dessert plate and the girls chowed down on sugar and sweet. How delicious it was!

After the movie and dessert were both finished, the girls hopped to getting ready for bed and headed into the bedroom for the slumber part of the party. We made a couple of palettes on the floor and they hit the hay. They crawled into their beds and chatted and giggled. After some chatting and giggling, which you have to have with a slumber party, they all fell asleep. Peacefully.

I am thankful tonight, reflecting on this party. I am thankful that we are in a situation where we can do spur of the moment things like this. I am thankful that I can say “yes” to the type of learning that this allowed J – planning, hostessing, shopping, serving, cooking. I am thankful for the bonding and relationships that activities like this encourage. I am thankful for my “unbelievably sweet girls”. I am thankful. At Home.


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