Princess Pudding

Princess Pudding

I told you I would share the recipe for Princess Pudding so here it is. It came from the book Princess Slumber Party, copyright 2003 by Top That! Publishing. This is a pretty pink fluff dessert. It is simple and easy. A very good dessert for hot summertime (or fall, depending on what you call September where you live).

1 package of strawberry jello mix

1/2 C boiling water

1 8 oz. container of whipped dessert topping

1/2 – 1 lb strawberries, washed, tops removed and sliced

(The original recipe calls for ladyfingers or some angel food cake but we left them out and it was a lovely dessert.)

In a medium mixing bowl, mix the jello with the boiling water. After the jello is dissolved, add the whipped topping. Stir until it is all mixed up well. Add the sliced strawberries and mix. Transfer it all to a pretty bowl. If you want to make it fancier, add some sliced strawberries to the top for decoration. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. Serve chilled.

Princess Pudding in the making

J did all of the measuring and stirring. She knew how to cut the tops off of strawberries but she got to use the fun little slicer made by Pampered Chef. She is generous and allowed her sisters to use it too, which made them all happy. A new skill in the kitchen = happiness!

The girls really liked this dessert. In fact, I think they ate it all up except for the part I made them leave for their dad, who was at work the evening J made this. This dessert was a big part of the success of the Princess Slumber Party. You can read more about that party in the post U is for Unbelievably Sweet. All-in-all, it was a good party. At Home.


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