V is for …

V is for

If you have ever tried to write something and gotten stuck, nothing coming out in your brain processes, then you know where I have been on this week’s word. I have struggled with a V word since I finished last week’s letter post. I knew there were tons of fantastic V words out there but just couldn’t come up with one that would help me accomplish writing this week. So, I went to my friends and they came through brilliantly. Not only did I get some V words and a post worked out, I got some truly needed smiles and felt a huge amount of support. I needed it tonight.

So, the question is now – what V word did I choose? Well…


It was my original one but I’ll let you in on why I am finally able to write on it. Because completing this post is going to feel like a victory and I won’t have gotten there alone.

Sometimes, we feel like we have to do it all. And, we feel like we have to do it by ourselves. I guess I was kind of stuck there for this post. I just wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t get it right. Started and erased. Started and erased. Started and erased. Ever do anything like that? Start and stop and start and stop and just never get anywhere with whatever it is?

I didn’t think about the resources available to me, people who WANT to help me when I need it and are WILLING to do so. How often do we think we are doing something on our own when, really, there are others who are helping us along? Tonight I was reminded that victory does not come to you when you do something completely by yourself. Someone else was involved.

Tonight, my friends were involved, supporting me with a wonderful list of words. If you finish a running race, it is because of your hard work and the support of your family, friends, trainer, or whoever you needed to get there. If you get a major project finished, your victory was probably helped along by others on your team or in your office.

Victory is seldom accomplished without help from others. Tonight is no exception. Thank you for your help.

And, now, I am sure you are all wondering just what the words were that were brainstormed for me. Here’s your list:

  • Victory
  • vices
  • voice
  • vote
  • view
  • vanity
  • vase
  • vacant
  • Vermillion
  • Value 
  • valuable
  • Volume
  • valentine
  • vacuum
  • violet
  • velvet
  • vixen (the fox kind)
  • veteran
  • vain
  • ventriloquist
  • veterinarian
  • violin
  • vaccine
  • violet
  • vanquish
  • vibe
  • vibrant
  • vibrate
  • viper
  • Viking
  • verb
  • vitriolic
  • venue
  • Velma
  • voracious
  • volatile

And then we have the sentences:

  • Violet velociraptors voiced violent verbs ventriloquistly. (I know the last ones not a real word, but it was off the top of my head.)
  • Don’t forget about vagrant volleyball villagers whose Volkswagen violated violently.

Victory is sweet when it is a shared victory. At Home.


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