Make It Work Monday – skirt for me

Make It Work Monday TitleToday’s Make It Work Monday is a short one. A single skirt. That would be because I have been working hard at creating a Jasmine costume for the youngest giggly girl. We finished it a bit ago (Sunday afternoon) and J is thrilled with it. All we lack for it to be completely finished is figuring out what she wants to do about shoes.

This single skirt is the only “Make It Work” work I got done. But I am thrilled with it because I have been missing this skirt. For months! The elastic died in the waist band and so it got set in the mending pile. That pile got packed away for a short time. Then, I got the skirt out, cut the dead elastic out, and other things came up. So, the skirt just sat. I decided that I was going to fix it because I wanted to wear it again before it got cool/cold. So, I did it. And, my skirt fits lovely again.

blue flower skirt

What have you worked on lately to “Make It Work?” Please share links to anything you have made work lately and I’ll go check out your post. Thanks for checking out this week’s “Make It Work Monday” post. At Home.

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