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What kid doesn’t like a treasure hunt? I don’t think I know a single one.

Clued In KidsReview
Clued in Kids has come up with a product that is sure to delight kids and parents alike. Parents are going to like the Clued In Kids hunts because they are fun learning, easy to set up, and exciting for the kids to do. Kids are going to like them because they are fun, it is exciting, and they get a treasure of some kind at the end of it.

Clued In Kids huntThese hunts teach can work on academics, such as math, nutrition, and history. They definitely strengthen social skills and teamwork. Each hunt consists of a series of clues. Each clue will include an activity to do, a problem to solve, or a puzzle to work. When that has been completed successfully, it will reveal the location of the next clue. After solving the final clue, they will find the treasure or reward. This treasure or reward is something that is chosen by the person hiding the clues and the treasure and can be anything! We have used tiny packages of pop rocks candy, gummy bracelets, and other small candies but the treasure can be anything. These hunts will work for either a single child or multiple children working as a team. Many of the treasure hunts are PDF files that you download, print off, and use after purchase. A few of the hunts (Princess, Pirate, Christmas Hunt in a greeting card, and more) are physical products that will be sent to you.

We have been reviewing some of the Clued In Kids Treasure Hunts. Specifically, we received the Gluten-Free Printable Treasure Hunt and the Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunts. They have all been a hit!

Gluten-Free Treasure Hunt

Clued In KidsReview
The Gluten-Free Treasure Hunt is a single printable hunt and is priced at $5.99. This hunt was appealing to me as a mom because we have a family member that eats gluten-free and I want the kids to understand a bit about that. At the time the girls did this particular hunt, we were eating gluten-free for one of our children as well. It is good for them to understand about those kinds of decisions, when possible. I was hopeful that this hunt would help in that area.

The girls answered all of the clues by filling in the puzzles, answering questions, or drawing a picture, though I did have to explain a lot of the information for them to be able to finish the clue. I had to use different words and help them through some of the scientific information that they had never heard before (such as how antibodies work to attack germs). Some of it is very advanced, such as enterocytes, zonulin protein, cross-breeding corn, and more. I think they understood about half of the information. The information is not bad but it is presented with a very short explanation and that is just not enough for understanding.

This particular hunt could work from a 5 year old with help from someone older to a teenager who would be better able to understand the information presented. Both ends of that age group do present some possible issues: the five year old cannot understand all that is presented (My 5 year old giggly girls was lost on a lot of it.); the teenager might balk at having to draw food on a dinner plate.

All in all, this was an interesting hunt and the girls enjoyed it mightily.

Multiplication Dragon

Clued In KidsReview
Multiplication Dragon is a series of 5 printable treasure hunts, working on the multiplication facts 2 through 6. It is priced at $19.99. Each hunt contains 12 clues. I assigned a child to each clue by placing the name of the child that had to solve it in the blank at the top. This allowed me to keep the 5 year old involved in a way that was meaningful for her. I was able to give her the easiest clues to solve and assign the older two girls the harder ones. I assigned the more abstract clues to the 10 year old who is just reviewing multiplication facts and the more concrete clues to the 8 year old who is learning her multiplication facts. The five year old got the clues that work with where she is in math – creating sets.

These are definitely lots of fun and the activities are helping all three of the giggly girls see multiplication in a different light. Because the clues run the gamut from simple (drawing sets) to complex (mental creation of a mathematical sentence), it is showing how multiplication can be used in a variety of ways. The same concepts, for example drawing sets, can be seen in actually having to draw three groups of three or in circling groups of three. This variation in examples has been quite good for E, our 10 year old. She is seeing the application of multiplication where she didn’t see it before. Best of all, they ask to do math if it can be done as a treasure hunt.

The Multiplication Dragon hunts are recommended for ages 7-9. I would suggest that a group of children with varied abilities in multiplication would be ideal for this group. As I mention in how we used these, there is a fairly wide range of the skills within each hunt.

Clued In Kids

This company’s founder is living her childhood dream – creating treasure hunts. I think that is incredible! Not many of us are able to keep a dream the same from childhood into adulthood. Even fewer are able to make that childhood dream a reality. But that isn’t the part of this family’s story that touched me. They are living this life as an answer to an uncertain question about what life will bring. I would highly suggest you read their story in their own words.

A Note: When you are setting up the treasure hunt, you might want to check through it before you plan to set it up. Some of the hunts may have things that you will have to be creative about. An example: one of ours called for the clue to be hidden in a mailbox. Our mailbox is down the road a bit but the girls have created paper “mailboxes” to leave each other notes in and taped them to their doors. That is what I use for the clues when it calls for the mailbox.

finding a clueClued In Kids is a fun little addition to our homeschool day and we will continue to pull out Multiplication Dragon once in a while as a fun, different review. I definitely think this company is worth checking out a bit more. It is fun and unique. Treasure hunts simplified. At Home.


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