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A train resources

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When we visited the Texas State Railroad for a field trip a few weeks ago, it was a most wonderful experience. You can read more about that in the post Ticket To Ride.

When we got to the Rusk Depot for the trail ride, the Texas State Railroad employees had done something really neat. They knew we were homeschoolers and they handed us a huge packet of lesson plans and activities all ready to use. The lessons included finger plays, art projects, train history, and train safety. It was really neat. And, they gave us duplicates of some of the material so we were able to share those with other families.

One thing we noticed was that most of the lessons came from oli.org. Operation Lifesaver, Inc. is the name of this group and they have so much to share. This is a really neat, useful website that is dedicated to train safety and safety around railroads.

All of our activities came from the lesson plans and educational resources shared on this site. You can find all of their lessons under their education tab.

Picnic Story

A train 6

There is a story about a picnic and while you are reading the story, there are shapes that come up. If you follow the directions and place the shapes as described in the story, you end up with a drawing you have done of a train engine. L did this and it was so much fun to see her recognize it as it came together.

Finger Plays

I did two finger plays with J. She is still pretty young and enjoys finger plays a lot. Of course, E is not that young and she enjoyed the finger plays, too. One was called Five Big Freight Trains. The other is The Circus Train. Both were fun but Five Big Freight Trains was the one we did over and over and over.


Operation Lifesaver, Inc. has some cute cartoon videos that are pretty appealing. We went to the page to watch one related to what we were working on in a lesson and the girls wanted to watch several of them. Of course, I let them because it is good information and I like that they are anxious to learn, even if it is from cartoons. We watched these and you can download a 10 minute video with Sly Fox and Birdie from the Educational Materials page.


There were several puzzles that are found from this page of this kids’ section on the website. There were word searches, crosswords, and coloring pages.

We also did some other coloring pages and activities that I couldn’t find on the site, though I thought they were there. One of these was a discussion about the warning signs. We looked up a bunch of different warning signs with an internet search, talked about how they were different, reviewed some of them we had seen on our trip, and then drew several examples.A train 5

A train 7 A train 4 A train 3 A train 2


These are just a few of the resources that are out there but this is one I hadn’t come across when looking for lessons and ideas about trains. So, hopefully someone will benefit! At Home.


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