B is for…Bible

B is for BibleThe Bible. The Word of God. Important. Encouragement. Strength. Hope. Love.

The Bible gives us so much. We are blessed in America to have easy access to the Bible. To the truth. In any number of different ways, we can access what God has to say to us. And I am so thankful.

I have an NIV Study Bible that my parents gave to me for Christmas in 1987. It is the Bible I would need for my classes at Abilene Christian University. It has been well loved and used. It is still in fantastic condition.

I was sent a different Bible the other day to review for Family Christian. This post is because I wanted to share that Bible with you. I was not required to share this with you through a blog post but I am going to. I was pretty impressed with the Bible. (The link included in this post is not an affiliate link but I am linking to Family Christian because I received the Bible from them to review.)

The NIV First-Century Study Bible is edited by Kent Dobson. He edited it to help us explore the scripture through the culture and history and mind-set of its Jewish and Early Christian context. When we understand more about the culture in which scripture originally existed and the time in which it was set down, we got a more full understanding of God and why He gave us His word.

B First Century Bible
The First-Century Study Bible is chock full of material. Some of what you will find:

  • NIV Scripture: The newest NIV translation is used.
  • Book Introductions: There are extensive introductions to each book that cover the title, author, date, themes, and an outline, as well as other information about the culture and the time of the writings.
  • Word Studies: Greek and Hebrew words are examined for their root words and meanings. A cultural setting may be covered as well.
  • Maps, Charts, and Models: There are a number of full-color maps, charts, and models to help understand more about the first century and Jewish traditions. These are listed in the Table of Contents.
  • Articles: Textual articles address passages that we will understand better if we know more about the first century culture. Day In The Life articles discuss the lives of various kinds of people from the first century, such as a shepherd or a midwife or a priest or a Sadducee.

This Bible has been a great joy to go through and learn with. It will definitely complement my study and be a helpful resource. The First Century Christian Bible will not replace my NIV Study Bible but it will be a well used companion to it. The First Century Christian Bible has a lot to enrich Bible study with. At Home.


I found the link up for ABC Blogging! This time around I will be linking up with The Potter’s Hand Academy.

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