A Review: Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design cover

Creation is beautiful and inspiring. The giggly girls always enjoys studying about creation, no matter how many times we have done so already. When we were given the opportunity to review Purposeful Design by Jay Schabacker, we were happy to.

example of picturesPurposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is a beautifully photographed, coffee table style book. The full-color photographs, drawings, and images are interesting and have lots of details to study. The photographs combine with the words to highlight the design of the science principles that run our world and work together to be the perfect situation for human and animal life.

Beginning at Day One, Mr. Schabacker takes us through each day of creation and God’s work, all the way through Day Seven. He covers the basics of what God created on each day. He then discusses the ways in which God’s creation benefits us. From the light to the seasons to the way our body is designed, Mr. Schabacker uses the information to point out our Purposeful Designer – God.


While the information was very good, the number of typographical errors, editing mistakes, and awkward working made the book difficult to read. The frequency of these types of things affected my reading and understanding of the information. Reading it out loud helped quite a bit but I often had to edit the wording for the girls. The girls are excellent readers and the information was difficult for them to grasp. They would not sit and read this book alone. That is huge to me, since the book is beautiful and chock full of good information.

Young Explorer's Club

On the Purposeful Design website, there is a free, printable curriculum called the Purposeful Design: Young Explorer’s Club to go along with the study of the Purposeful Design book. The curriculum helps the student to think deeper about the information shared in each chapter. There are various thinking levels of questions for each day of creation. It works well for our 10 year old to do on her own, after I have read the chapter to her. The 8 year old needed some help because of the way the questions were worded and answers asked for. Also, a couple of words were left out of some of the questions and it caused a stumble for her. Our five year old was asked to participate verbally and write a couple of the words that she already knows, such as “sun.” The curriculum is pretty flexible and can be used, with discretion and adaptation by the parent, at a variety of age levels.

reading bookThe book is available for $18.95. The book can be used with all ages. The pictures are particularly engaging for young students. The information shared in the book varies in the level at which it can be understood. The information ranges from very basic to extremely in depth. An example of the basic information would be the Bible verses for each day with which the children are probably familiar and examples of things that were created on each day. Mid-level information includes examples of how the water cycle was put in place on Day Two and the descriptions of the various animals and their benefits on Day Six. Some of the higher-level information presented includes the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the tides, and blood clotting details. With some help, this works well with our 8 and 10 year old but it did not hold the attention of the 5 year old at all, even with the beautiful images.

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