D is for…Doing for Others


D is for

Not long ago, the girls and I were chatting. I mentioned that in the past, I had made aprons for a mission team to take with them to Honduras. E wanted to know why we would send aprons. I explained that they do not have as many clothes as we do and that an apron helps to protect your clothing so it doesn’t wear out as fast, get stains, or need washing as often. After understanding how much an apron blesses one of the ladies in Honduras, E asked if we could make aprons to send.

She wanted to do for others.

She enjoys sewing and saw an opportunity to help someone. So, we went about setting up a project.

First, we made sure that the church of Christ mission team would be going and that they could take the aprons with them this time. Once we got confirmation about that, E and I set about discussion on the scope of the project. E remembers doing sewing projects at church and she wanted to include others in this. She also knew that at least one of her friends would want to participate. I checked the church calendar, worked with one of the ladies who has organized the sewing project in the past, and set it up.

In order to promote the project and ask for help from others, we created an announcement for the bulletin and announcements. E also created a board that we put up on the signup table at church. Then we waited.

D sewing project

D sewing project 2When the day arrived, we had a pile of over 100 aprons that had been cut out and a big pile of ribbons. Each of the children who came to help paired up with someone. All of the girls paired up with an adult at a sewing machine and our lone young man that came to help paired with the adult cutting and threading ribbon. The sewing and ironing and ribbon cutting went fast and fun all afternoon. There was some lovely singing involved, too. By the end of the afternoon, 3 of the 4 young ladies who came were sewing on their own (the other young lady is J – she is five and was a super good pin helper). When all was said and done, we had a completed pile of about 90 aprons. We had a bag set aside for a grandmother and her granddaughter who wanted to help with 10 aprons and we had just a few (4 or 5) that needed a last little bit completed.

D sewing project 4 D sewing project 3

We now have 104 completed aprons that are ready to go to the mission team. We’ll take a trip in the next few weeks to deliver them. What a blessing to have as many material possessions as we do and the ability to use those to help others. God is good to us. At Home.

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2 thoughts on “D is for…Doing for Others

  1. Kris B. November 23, 2014 at 10:00 pm Reply

    I love this how wonderful!

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