E is for … Excitement

E is for ExcitementExcitement is, well, exciting! I love the build-up to something that we have been looking forward to. I love surprising the girls with something and seeing the explosion of excitement when they find out that it is something they really want to do. I love the memories that are created with something that is exciting.

Excitement has a way of being contagious, spreading to those around, even when they don’t have a clue what the excitement is about. Kind of like a super happy smile. Excitement just spreads and it brings joy and happiness. I love that!

Last weekend, we were able to create that excitement in the girls. Every two years, the Austin Ballet presents The Nutcracker Ballet. The girls thought we were not going to be able to go this year. However, we were able to get tickets, somewhat at the last minute. We were able to complete our trip to New Mexico in a way that our minds were set at ease and get back home so that we could attend the ballet. And the girls had no idea that we had it all ready to go.

E pictures with clara and princeE refreshmentsE ice cream

Excitement reigned. They were never told what the surprise was going to be. They had to figure it out. Once they did, the excitement just about exploded. And the performance was wonderful! After the ballet, they were able to have some refreshments and have their pictures taken with Clara and the Prince. Even more excitement! We topped the whole thing off with ice cream. That was a major treat from their Papa (grandfather). After ice cream, we finished the day with a worship service at church. A day filled with excitement! And full of the joyous memories that excitement brings. At Home.

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