Making Valentines – Sharing Joy

Making Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a day to show others that you are thinking of them and want them to have some joy. We are blessed to know lots of folks that we want to have joy in their lives. So, we spent the other day making some very special valentines to share. We mailed off a bundle of them to other kids on the Review Crew and have some for them to hand out to their friends. They came out so cute that we wanted to share with you what we did.

Ginny (what the giggly girls call their grandmother – pronounced with a hard G sound) saw a cute way to make hearts in one of the newspapers and told us about it. It involved using a heart template, the eraser of a pencil, and an ink pad. You can also see a bundle of tutorials on Pinterest. The girls really wanted to make hearts this way but they also loved sharing jokes with their friends last year. We decided to combine the two and make them pretty and fun all at once.

Making valentines 3

We printed out valentines from All For The Boys. She had two different versions up and we used both of them. One is black and white; the other is in color.

Making Valentines 2


We trimmed them up and then turned the girls loose with the pencils, hearts, and ink pads. They stamped hearts on the back each of the jokes.

While they stamped, I cut some glittery paper to be a frame behind the valentines. We punched a single hole in the paper and joke and tied it all together with a ribbon. The girls put names on the backs and signed them.

Fun, simple, & easy = best Valentine cards. At Home.


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3 thoughts on “Making Valentines – Sharing Joy

  1. RavenThreads February 8, 2015 at 7:20 am Reply

    Those turned out great!

  2. […] from 3 Giggly Girls at Home, shares a way to make Valentine’s Day cards using materials you probably already have at home.  These would be great to make for friends using […]

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