P is for … Pizza

P pizza nightPizza – the food of joyful giggly girls. At least at our house. Pizza seems to bring out all the cheerful spirits that like to disappear a various times during any given week. But come Friday night – pizza time and cheerful seem to magically reappear. We make our own pizza. For several reasons – its cheaper, its P pizza crust recipehealthier, and we can make it work for our giggly girl with food allergies.

We use Pampered Chef stones for our pizza. There is nothing like them! They make the crust so yummy and crispy. We also use a modified version of Pampered Chef’s pizza crust recipe. Our modifications include using half white/half whole wheat flour and adding a couple of tablespoons of Italian seasoning to the dough. I also don’t bother letting it rise but put it into a cold oven.

P goat cheese pizza

We make three pizzas each Friday, unless we end up with guests and then we’ll make more or add a salad or something. All three have a tomato paste sauce with Italian seasoning added to it. The one for L has a very, very thin layer of sauce (she is allergic to tomato); turkey pepperoni; ground turkey seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic; and grated goat cheese. The other two giggly girls like to have a layer of sauce; turkey pepperoni; ground turkey seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic; and grated mozzarella cheese. The last one is for me, though I’ll share it with anyone who wants some. It has a thick layer of tomato sauce; whatever is left of the pepperoni and ground turkey; red, yellow, and green bell peppers (generally frozen); chopped fresh onion; sliced black olives if we have them; and mozzarella cheese. YUM! Is it Friday? Actually – it is! Yea! It’s pizza night. So I guess the secret is out – pizza night is not only a favorite of the giggly girls. I enjoy it, too.

We’ll put on some Little House on the Prairie and we’re going to have a great dinner! At Home.


*There are no sponsored links in this post. However, if you would like to look over some Pampered Chef products or are looking for a consultant to order from, this link will take you to the page for Jenn Dulka. She’d be more than happy to help you out! I don’t get any benefit from you clicking through or ordering from Jenn. www.pamperedchef.biz/jenndulka

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