Q is for … Quit ye like men

Q Quit ye like men

This verse has been running through my head for several days now. It is a verse that really sticks with me. Partly because we put a catchy little tune to it so that the girls could remember it. Partly because it applies to my life every single day.

Quit ye like men; be strong. What does that mean? Simply put – be different from the world and be strong enough to hold tight to what we are supposed to be: holy, hopeful, faithful.

Practically put, that is really hard to do. You see, I have a lot of hopes and desires that will never be met here on this earth. I put my faith and my hope in my God and He will pull me through.

Being like men, like others on this earth, is so easy to want. Acceptance – yes please. Friendship with one who will enjoy doing things with me and my family – of course. A nice house, plenty of money  – mmm, yea. Time to myself every day – yes, thank you. Who wouldn’t want these things?

But God calls us to be different and it is hard. People see us as different and don’t invite you along. Even among church family, we can be so different that we don’t fit in. And this is where the second part of the verse comes in – Be Strong.

Be Strong. Repeat that to yourself and remind yourself of what it means. It means that we see ourselves as God sees us, not as those around us see us. God sees our heart and that is what we need to look at when we are finding it hard to be strong. Satan wants us to feel the pain of not being like men. But God gives us hope and joy and love and strength and peace when we remember His directives – Quit ye like men; be strong.

You don’t have to follow the crowd. You don’t have to dress like them, vacation like them, spend money like them, exercise like them, or do anything else like them. You don’t have to prove anything to the people of this world. God has given us the directive and the way to do it.

Quit ye like men; be strong. Lean on Him. Pull out His word and search it. Listen to it. Listen to Him. Hum His words to yourself and know the peace that comes from not being like men and being strong in Him.

Quit ye like men; be strong. I Corinthians 16:13


At Home.


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