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Listen and writeIf you follow At Home on Facebook, then you may have seen this video that I shared there. We got some sleet and snow last night and I thought today was a good day to use this video for a creative writing exercise.

Edit update:

I played the video for the girls but they were not allowed to see it. They could only listen. It is short, only about a minute. So I played it twice. In between, I told them how many adjectives they had to use to describe the sound in their journal. E had to use six; L had to use 4-5; J had to use 3.

After listening the second time, they went and sat with their journals and wrote about what they think they heard. They also had to draw a picture of what they think they heard. Here is their work:

listen and write L listen and write J

L – age 8                                                  J – age 6    listen and write E                                       E – age 10

Having completed the writing and drawing about what they think they heard, we talked about what they thought it was. I then showed them the video with sound. We discussed how the sounds were similar or how they were different, now that they knew what they were hearing. We talked about how sight can affect hearing and vice versa.

The final part of the exercise was writing another page about what it actually was they heard and how they reacted when they found out what it was. This is fun and fits right in with our weather discussions going on with Katy and the Big Snow, our current FIAR selection. We looked up pancake ice and found some additional videos and photos of it. We used it in our discussion about the states of matter and how it differs from snow and water.

Here are the reflections from E and L.

listen and write L reflection listen and write E reflection











This was a fun writing activity using a sound prompt. Using something different for a prompt helps them think outside the box. What interesting prompts have you used? I am always looking for ideas.

At Home.

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5 thoughts on “Listen and Write

  1. Jacque February 10, 2018 at 9:47 pm Reply

    Is this video still available? thanks!

  2. Jacque February 11, 2018 at 9:14 pm Reply

    Thank you, thank you!!

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